About Us

Our Mission

To foster unity among the Christian churches and build harmonious relations between peoples of different faith traditions.

The purpose of the commission is to:


Assist the Archbishop in ensuring that Ecumenism and Inter-religious dialogue is an organic part of the life of the Archdiocese


Generate resources for ecumenical and inter-religious dialogue


Cooperate with other Christians in prayer and good works


Initiate, encourage and develop practical ways of building bridges of understanding and co-operation between people of all religions so that we might be enriched and work together for the good of society


Motivate Catholics to take up the challenge to work actively towards full visible unity


Represent the Archdiocese in Ecumenical and Inter-religious Affairs


Foster a deep appreciation of the unique bond between Jews and Christians


Work where appropriate with other Commissions in Australia nationally and internationally

Commission Members

Rev Gerard Kelly

Director of Catholic Institute Sydney Strathfield

Sr Giovanni Farquer RSJ

Executive Director
Commission for Ecumenical and Inter-religious Relations
Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney

Ms Lea LoMascolo

Experienced Secondary School Teacher and Business Manager

Ms Selina Hasham

Director of Catholic Creative

Ms Sue Moffat

Experienced Religious Education & Evangelisation Officer
Catholic Education Office Sydney