Pope Francis calls on Catholics and Jews to work together for peace

Pope Francis on Sunday became the third Pope to visit Rome's synagogue in a sign of continuing Catholic-Jewish friendship.

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Pope visits Rome synagogue, condemns violence in name of religion

Pope Francis made his first visit as pontiff to a synagogue on Sunday, where, in a reference to Islamist attacks, he condemned violence in the name of religion.

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For the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity The spiritual ecumenism of conversion

In the Church of Rome, the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity ends with the Bishop of Rome celebrating Vespers in the Basilica of St Paul Outside-the-Walls, with the participation of representatives of other Christian Churches and ecclesial communities. This well-established tradition of prayer for Christian unity within the ecumenical community was launched by Blessed Pope Paul VI on 4 December 1965. Shortly before the conclusion of the Second Vatican Council, he invited ecumenical observers to a liturgical celebration in the Basilica of St Paul Outside-the-Walls to thank them for their participation at the Council and to take his leave of them, using these deeply sensitive words: “Thus, for us, your departure will not put an end, for us, to the cordial spiritual relationships that your presence at the Council gave rise to. It does not end, for us, a dialogue which began in silence but which impels us on the contrary to study how we may be able to successfully continue it. The friendship endures” (Speech during the Celebration to Implore Christian Unity, 4 December 1965). It is particularly appropriate to recall with gratitude this liturgical event celebrated 50 years ago, as it was the first public prayer for Christian unity presided over by the Pope within the ecumenical community.

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The ecumenical vision of Pope Francis - A journey in four dimensions

“For my own part, following in the footsteps of my predecessors, I wish to assure our firm intention to go forward on the path of ecumenical dialogue”. 


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Pope Francis surprising spot on dialogue among religions

From now on, Pope Francis himself, will expand on His teachings and make His monthly intentions for Christians to pray in a never before seen broadcasted spot like this.

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