Papal Envoy shares what he saw in Iraq, with Pope Francis

Cardinal Fernando Filoni personally saw what minorities are facing under the persecution of the Islamic State. Now back in Rome, the Pope's personal envoy shared what he saw and what can be done to help. 
Papal Envoy to Iraq
"They told me what they felt in their hearts and I shared those accounts with Pope Francis. I was able to see what they saw, from the challenges to the suffering.” 
As the Pope's personal envoy to Iraq, Filoni says the Pope didn't want his visit to be a diplomatic mission, but rather a humanitarian and spiritual one. 
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Vatican calls on Muslim leaders to openly condemn attacks against minorities in Iraq

The Vatican is calling on Muslims leaders to condemn the violence andpersecution of minorities in Iraq, including Christians, Yezidis and other ethnic minorities. 
Through a written statement, the Vatican's Pontifical Council for Inter-religiuos Dialogue calls on all religious leaders, especially Muslims to directly condemn the attacks and take a stance against jihadists and their 'unspeakable criminal acts.' Failing to do so, reads the statement, would undermine the credibility of religion, their followers and their leaders. 
The statement highlights that 'no cause and no religion can justify such barbarity.'  It also lists some of the crimes committed by jihadists as they try to establish an 'Islamic State.' 
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In Commemoration of the life of Archbishop Edward Bede Clancy from the NSW Council of Christians and Jews

It is with sadness and great reverence that the NSW Council of Christians and Jews 

acknowledges the life of NSW Archbishop Edward Bede Clancy, OAM, the “peoples’ 

Pastor”, who has passed away at the age of 90. Archbishop Ted Clancy gained great 

respect for many initiatives he brought to the Catholic community of Sydney and for his 

ability to make pragmatic decisions that have made a difference for individuals in the Church 

and in the broader community'.  

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For displaced Iraqis it's a matter of survival

From one day to the next, these Iraqis lost everything. They were forced to flee their homes, when Islamic extremists seized control of their towns. With no where to go, thousands have fled to the mountains, but there things aren't easier. 
Displaced Iraqi
"Sinjar mountain has no water, no electricity no roads, no bread, not even a single tree. There's nothing in it, nothing for humans to eat.” 
Christians are a minority and they are being targeted. Tens of thousands have left everything behind, hoping for survival. 
The international community is starting to take notice. Pope Francis urged governments to respond to the crisis and help the displaced. The UN has responded and the  U.S government began airlifting humanitarian aid in northern Iraq.  Refugees say it's literally a matter of life and death. 
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Pope calls on international community to help persecuted Christians in Iraq

The Pope is asking government leaders to help persecuted Christians in Iraq. Rising violence has forced an estimated 200,000 people to flee their homes as Islamic extremists take over northern cities.  Through a letter, the Pope called for an end to the bloodshed, highlighting the same call he made during a recent Angelus. 
POPE FRANCIS (July 20th) 
"Today our brothers are persecuted. They are banished from their homes and forced to flee without even being able to take their belongings!”
Most recently, the Vatican's State Department sent a message to ambassadors accredited to the Holy See, calling for their governments to take the rising violence seriously. It calls for the international community to offer their help. 
On behalf of the Pope, the Vatican's spokesperson, Fr. Federico Lombardi, read part of the Pope's call for action. 
Vatican Spokesperson 
"I ask that programs be in place to protect those who are affected or threatened by the violence. May the displaced find the necessary and urgent support they need.” 
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